High Heroes to Disable Enemies in 7.33C Patch (2023)

You possibly can play these heroes to disable enemies within the 7.33c patch for Dota 2.

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You should use numerous completely different methods to kill enemy heroes in your matches. A majority of those methods contain utilizing heroes with skills and gadgets that can be utilized to disable enemies all through the sport. Disabling enemy heroes can cancel their channeling, stop them from escaping, and disarm them for a number of seconds, giving your allies an opportunity to strike again on the enemy crew to win battles.

Listed below are the highest heroes which you could select throughout your matches to disable enemy heroes within the new replace.


High Heroes to Disable Enemies in 7.33C Patch (1)

Bane is a Common hero with a base mana pool of 351. He can solid his spells on enemy heroes to disable them all through his matches. Bane can put his enemies to sleep through the use of Nightmare. Enemy models affected by Nightmare are disabled for as much as 6.5 seconds. Nightmare has a cooldown of 15 seconds and desires 150 mana for use per solid.

He can soak up as much as 300 well being of his enemies through the use of Mind Sap in battles. Mind Sap has a cooldown of 11 seconds and offers Pure injury to his opponents. You possibly can scale back the cooldown of Mind Sap by 2 seconds at stage 10. Bane can use Mind Sap ceaselessly in his lane to empty the well being of his enemies.

The help hero can solid his ulti, Fiend’s Grip, to carry enemy heroes in place for as much as 5.8 seconds. Enemies disabled by Fiend’s Grip will probably be unable to assault, solid spells, or transfer from their place throughout the spell. Fiend’s Grip offers 150 Pure injury per second (DPS) and has a cooldown of 100 seconds. You possibly can improve the period of Fiend’s Grip by 3 seconds at stage 25.

You should buy a Glimmer Cape for 2150 gold within the sport. Bane can improve his magic resistance by 25% after buying a Glimmer Cape. He can flip invisible for five seconds utilizing Glimmer Cape to forestall taking injury from incoming assaults whereas channeling his ulti. Bane additionally beneficial properties 300 injury barrier through the use of Glimmer Cape in battles.


High Heroes to Disable Enemies in 7.33C Patch (2)

Enigma is a extremely efficient disabler in Dota 2. He can deal injury to enemies in a big radius by casting his spells in lanes. Enigma beneficial properties as much as 3.6 Intelligence per stage. Enigma can stun enemies utilizing Malefice to harass enemy heroes on the New Frontiers map. Malefice offers 100 injury per occasion and may stun enemies 3 occasions in a row.

You should buy a Blink Dagger for Enigma to provoke crew fights with the Intelligence hero. He can blink into battles and solid Midnight Pulse to deal 11% of the enemy models’ present well being as injury for 12 seconds. Midnight Pulse impacts all enemies in a radius of 550. When you’ve used Midnight Pulse, you’ll be able to solid Enigma’s ulti, Black Gap, to disable a number of enemies in a radius of 420. Enigma can channel his ulti for 4 seconds, dealing 200 Pure DPS to his opponents.

He can buy a Veil of Discord to amplify the injury dealt by his spells. Enigma can use Veil of Discord to solid Magic Weak point to extend magical injury from spells by 18% for 16 seconds.


Lion is a ranged hero with a number of spells that can be utilized to disable his foes. He can stun enemies in entrance of him utilizing Earth Spike for as much as 2.2 seconds to deal 300 injury. Earth Spike has a cooldown of 11 seconds and requires 150 mana.

Folks can max out Hex whereas enjoying Lion to disable an enemy hero for 3.2 seconds. Enemy models will probably be changed into critters throughout the spell. Lion and his allies can decimate enemies focused by Hex to extend their gold within the sport. He can use Hex on enemies in a radius of 250 by reaching stage 25 via
the Expertise Tree.

Lion can drain the mana of his enemies after disabling them utilizing Mana Drain. He can soak up as much as 120 mana per second for five seconds utilizing Mana Drain to deplete the mana pool of his enemies. You possibly can improve Mana Drain by shopping for an Aghanim’s Shard to solid his means on a further 2 enemy heroes.

You possibly can weaken enemy heroes in Dota 2 matches by casting Finger of Dying. Lion’s ulti, Finger of Dying, can deal over 800 injury to enemies per solid. Each kill he will get with Finger of Dying provides a further 40 injury per kill, making his ulti a tremendous means to make use of in opposition to carry heroes. Finger of Dying has a cooldown of 40 seconds. He can scale back the cooldown of his ulti to twenty seconds by buying an Aghanim’s Scepter.

Faceless Void

High Heroes to Disable Enemies in 7.33C Patch (3)

Faceless Void can stroll out and in of battles utilizing Time Stroll. He can transfer as much as a distance of 800 utilizing Time Stroll to forestall taking injury from incoming assaults and spells from the enemy crew. Time Stroll permits Faceless Void to backtrack any injury he has taken within the final 2 seconds, making it essential to his survival early in his matches.

You possibly can max out Time Lock for Faceless Void to realize a 24% probability to stun enemies with every assault. Enemy models surprised by Faceless Void take as much as 30 bonus injury per hit. You possibly can improve the bonus injury dealt by Time Lock to 100 at stage 20.

Faceless Void can hunt for heroes to kill utilizing his ulti, Chronosphere. The Agility hero can disable enemy models inside a Chronosphere for as much as 4.8 seconds. Chronosphere impacts all enemies in a radius of 500. You possibly can improve the radius of his ulti by 140 at stage 25 to disable extra enemies utilizing Chronosphere.

The carry hero can purchase gadgets like a Mjollnir to achieve 70 assault velocity and 25 assault injury. Bodily assaults from Faceless Void have a 30% probability to deal a bonus injury of 180 per hit. It’s also possible to purchase a Daedalus to extend the assault injury of Faceless Void by 88. He can deal essential injury to his enemies disabled by Chronosphere by buying a Daedalus in battles to wipe out the enemy crew inside seconds.

Shadow Shaman

Shadow Shaman can nuke enemy heroes together with his spells to mitigate his opponents. He has a base mana pool of 375 and beneficial properties as much as 3.5 Intelligence per stage. You possibly can solid Ether Shock with Shadow Shaman to deal 320 injury to over 8 enemies without delay. Shadow Shaman can strike impartial creep camps stacked within the jungle with Ether Shock to destroy them.

He can solid Hex to disable enemy heroes for two.8 seconds. Hex has a cooldown of 12 seconds. You possibly can scale back the cooldown of Hex by 2 seconds at stage 10. Shadow Shaman may also apply a break to forestall enemy heroes from triggering their passive skills throughout Hex at stage 20 via the Expertise Tree. Hex consumes 200 mana for use per solid. You should buy an Arcane Boots to extend the mana pool of Shadow Shaman, letting him solid extra of his spells in battles with out working out of mana.

Shadow Shaman can solid Shackles on his enemies to forestall them from attacking or casting spells for 4.2 seconds. Enemy models affected by Shackles will probably be rooted of their place throughout the spell. You possibly can solid his ulti, Mass Serpent Ward, to deal 120 assault injury per hit. Mass Serpent Wards summons as much as 10 serpents round enemy heroes that final for 45 seconds. As soon as enemy heroes are killed by Mass Serpent Wards, Shadow Shaman can push completely different lanes
together with his ulti.

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