Divinity Original Sin 2 - All Fort Joy Quests - Unleash the Gamer (2022)

This is a rather lengthy maze that you can find at location (46) of the Fort Joy – Hollow Marsh map. Your goal is simply to get through the maze and here is how you can do it:

This is one of the more complicated areas in the Fort Joy Overworld. One thing to note before we really get into the maze itself, is that you can skip the entire thing if you are in possession of the Band of Braccus Rex. So if you don’t feel like doing a maze, simply show the ring to the gargoyle overlooking the front gate of the maze and you will be teleported straight to the tower at the end. If you are a bit of a puzzle solver, head on into the maze and we will get started on finding our way through the place.

The first thing you are going to want to note when entering this place is that there are a lot of locked doors. You will not be able to lockpick them, as they require a X to open. You can also find a corpse nearby that will let you know about an item of Braccus Rex called the Devourer’s Gloves, which are one of the newly added Four Relics of Rivellon DLC. Anyways, pick up the book and let’s head into the maze itself.

Your goal in this maze is to use crumbling skulls to open doors strategically so that you can get through the maze. You can also choose to just avoid this mechanic entirely by the liberal use of the Teleportation spell, but that ruins the puzzle solving fun.

The first room you enter will have three doors (not including the one you came in) to the East, South, and West. There is also a button on the ground almost directly in front of the entrance to the maze. Simply step a character onto this button you should notice a skull appear on a stone shelf in the south-eastern portion of the room. Leaving the first character on the button, use one of your other characters to go pick up the skull.

You can head through the east-most door where you may notice a trap which will shoot a fireball at you. Largely you can ignore this though. Upon going through the door the Gargoyle will let you know that many have come through that path, but few survived. He welcomes us to join the dead, but we have no intention of doing so. Take the hatch to the other side and you will find yourself in a room with a glowing blue door. There will be a button hidden between the two oil puddles, feel free to jam a character or barrel onto it to keep the door open. In the room that you opened there will be a button on the ground near the Oil barrel. Place a character (or object) onto that button and go pick up your next skull, which should have appeared on the altar nearby.

Now that you have this skull, we can reach the tower, which we will be doing. Gather your group into the room with the two oil puddles and the button that opens the blue door and you will find yourself free of the maze. We aren’t quite done yet though. On the west side of the tower in a narrow path between the tower proper and the wall, you will see the corpse of Jimfred. On his body is another crumbling skull. It is time to go back into the maze and do a quick quest.

In the center of the maze you should see a man named “The Historian” ablaze on a dais in the middle of a large room. He is going to be someone we need to talk to. You can open a path to the Historian in the room with the blue door directly. Be warned that once you enter the room, you will be attacked by several angry fire skeletons who are not particularly keen on letting you talk with the historians. No negotiations can take place, just kill them.

Once you have eliminated the skeleton foes, you can have yourself a pleasant conversation with the Historian. He will tell that the flames cannot be quenched… He is wrong. First of all you will either need a way to make yourself bleed, by attacking yourself or using flesh sacrifice, or you will need the skill blood rain. Either way is fine. You are going to also need some source points and bless.

Your goal here is to quench the flames with blood and then bless the poor Historian to get rid of his Hellfire and curse. Once this is done he will talk to you about his punishment and why it happened. He is intentionally cryptic, which is a little annoying. Regardless, at the end he will teleport away. There is, unfortunately, no quest reward for freeing him aside from some experience. After teleporting away he will also open a portal in the same room that will take you to a cave area with another crumbling skull and a second portal. If you enter the second portal you will be shifted to another ledge with a chest which will have some miscellaneous items inside of it to grab.

While in this cave, you may also notice another portal in the middle of a rocky outcropping with lava below it. If you are feeling particularly explorative, you can teleport a character over to that outcropping. You can shift the teleportation gloves between your group members to facilitate transporting faster, but you will need two to be here so that you can teleport one of them to a small cliff with a smoldering dwarven body. There will be a few miscellaneous items on the body, a blank fire skill book, and a dagger. There isn’t anything really special about this area, just that it’s neat to explore. Once you have recovered your character you can take the portal to get back to the maze.

Assuming you exited from the portal on the central outcropping, you will find yourself on the battlements to the west of the Historian’s room. You should notice a button just to your north. Place one character on it, and you will see yet another crumbling skull in the room below you, with, what appears to be, a catapult. You should also notice an elven skeleton on the ground to the west of the battlement, and that there is also a door there. That is going to be your way into the catapult room. Open the door and grab the skull.

We are now officially running out of skulls. We have found five of the six skulls, and already used four of them. Open the door beside the portal that will lead you back to the Historian’s room and head to the tower itself. There is one more skull to find, but we have effectively gotten everything we need from the maze anyways.

For the final skull, we are going to go to the left of the tower (which is east). Near the back of the tower, you will see a human skeleton. It will have your final skull on it. You can also descend the back of the tower to the beach below, where you can find a treasure chest. So you might as well do that while you are here. Once you have grabbed all of your loot, head to the front of the tower.

When you approach the main door, depending on how you finished the maze, the gargoyle will either be impressed (if you didn’t cheat by using teleport to get through the maze) and give you a reward, or disappointed, which will not get you a reward, although you will still be allowed into the tower itself. Entering the door will take you to the map Fort Joy – Braccus Rex’ Tower.

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